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Grand Central is proud to support local growers, suppliers and other independent businesses. Learn more about how you can support UNL's Buy Fresh, Buy Local program.

Friendly Shopping

We offer premium services and products to help give you the best shopping experience around.

Grand Central Foods

Located at 4th and Lincoln Ave for over 60 years, Grand Central Foods is proud to be a long-standing member of the York community.

Excellent Customer Service

Grand Central Foods is York's #1 full service grocery store. We are happy to bag your groceries and carry them to your car.


Roasted, brined, fried – no matter how you prepare your traditional thanksgiving turkey, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect one in our meat department!


As the seasons change, so does our produce variety. We carry the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables for the freshest flavor!


Thanksgiving is time to bring everyone together and enjoy your favorite traditions. Let us help you with everything you need to prepare the dishes that your family loves.